Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Notes

1) Bush started his illegal, immoral and deceitful Iraq war 5 years ago Wednesday. I remember where I was at. We had just cozied in the bar at the idyllic Hotel Paraiso in Omotepe, Nicaragua when the satellite TV on CNN international broke the news. The Nicas looked at us with disgust but said nothing. I was disgusted as well. 5 years later I still am, at everyone who supports this nonsense and those who do not a damn thing to stop it.

2) Fittingly, on the first day of spring, the last of the big pile of snow on the church parking lot next door melted away. May we see no more until winter.

3)Obama's "race speach"... left me cold. He goes to a church with a racist minister. If this were a white candidate, it would be a war. He thinks it is all ok now. I am as liberal as they come, but racism is racism. Coming together, not dividing is the key to getting this country back on track again. I am still not sure who I will support in the November election. I do not think I will vote Republican.. but Communist or Mickey Mouse look like viable alternatives. Rumor has it Puggles is contemplating a run for office...

4) I am heading off to Nicaragua for 2 weeks for fun and sun and a vacation away from all the mess here. This might be the last Puggingham Palace until I get there on Monday. If so.. see you on the flip side!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say have a safe and
relaxing trip! Happy Easter to you
and Puggles!