Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The IRS and Obama

Obama's Denomination Gets an IRS Letter

This flew under my radar screen, until I had the chance to visit a wonderful United Church of Christ (UCC). Another example of right wing abuse of power and intimidation. Where are the investigations of the Roman Catholic Church as its leaders blatantly voice their opinions and enforce their dogma on their members and the public? The mega churches who produce their "voter guides" slanted towards right wing, Republican candidates? Where is the investigation of anything Romney said to the leaders of the Mormon church? What about Huckabee's church?

Well??? Where is it?

Won't be any soon. This was directed from the top. To muddy the water, to intimidate as best they could.

Bush just loves to support religious organizations that support his right wing agenda, thus paying back those that helped him steal the elections in 2000 and 2004. The Terri Schiavo circus in Washington was just one of many examples of that shameful political strategy.

Furthermore, the Bush administration also has pushed the envelope of executive power when it comes to meddling in all kinds of government departments to gain a political edge; just look at the Department of Justice scandal for one.

Someone high up has set the IRS loose, probing Barack Obama's church. UCC is a very liberal church, openly supports gay and lesbian members and clergy and whose members lean Democratic. Well I'll be damned, think that is just a coincidence?

Barack Obama discussed his faith at a large religious gathering during a campaign season. Just as George Bush and others have done.

Double standard, hypocrisy... Christ would be pissed.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that Congress will rediscover its interest in oversight and objections to presidential executive power overreach next January. The very powers Bush claimed will, for a Democratic president, be the foundation for impeachment. Repubs aren't just masters of hypocrisy, they're masters of "distinctions without differences." That is, when President ClintonObama does it, it's somehow different when President BushMcCain does it.

I'm sure Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell, and Timmey Russert will explain it to the NYTimes and it'll all make sense.

Anonymous said...


It has become clear that the IRS complaint against the United Church of Christ is the work of a a very evil person, James Hutchens. I urge you not to go to the website the same way I would encourage anyone I care about not to dive into a pool of liquid fertilizer. However, a link to a pdf file containing the original IRS complaint that was filed back in August appears on the website’s front page!

For the sake of truth and justice, I would encourage you to forward this to three to five people. The truth needs to get out there.


Jeff Johnston
Community United Church-Christ

Don said...

Anonymous, who had no guts to leave his or her name after insulting me, left this comment. And true to form, if you read the article, the Huckabee case in question involves one church, not the whole denomination and seems to be a bit of a different animal. The article goes on to talk about how the IRS harassed a "liberal" church for years over an anti-war speech. I rest my case.

"If you would have followed the news, you would know that the IRS is going after a Southern Baptist for endorsing Huckabee as well."


Don said...

Jeff, thanks for your comment, consider it done.

I visited Country Club UCC here in KC last Sunday and will likely go again. I have been attending another denomination all my life but am visiting other churches to possibly make a change. I have emailed the Missouri Senators about this and encouraged others to do the same.

Looks like you have a nice church as well. I know where Morton is, I had relatives in Pekin (now deceased) and grew up in Decatur.

Thanks again for your comment.