Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sports

As is usual, I am not watching the Super Bowl and my TV is not on. I am not at a party nor am I following it online. I simply do not care. Everyone else does; the minister at church mentioned it, even Maestro asked I was going to watch it. I told him I was going to listen to some Havergal Brian and eat a mango I bought at the store. The check out lady at the grocery asked me if I had my grandstand seat picked out. It took me a while to realize what she was talking about. I disappointed her by saying I did not and was not looking for one. Everyone else seemed to be however, there was not a potato chip bag left in the snack isle. Plenty of mangoes however.

Sports obsession is just rampant in the US and everyone assumes you are as well. Here in KC, one is expected to wear red when the pitiful Chiefs play. When I accidentally wear red on a "Chief's Weekend" I change as soon as I can. If the locals would put as much energy over the metro's problems as they do the Mizzou- KU rivalry, we'd be fine.

I did hear one of the teams today has not lost a game this year. I hope they lose, as it would serve them right, no one is perfect and I love an underdog.

Maybe I'll go see how it ends.....


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Anonymous said...

Predictably, Renee and I saw the nationally-ranked Lady Miners of the 'Missouri University of Science & Technology" (MS&T) play last week and guess what? They freaking lost a 7-point lead with 30 seconds to go and lost their second game of the year!

The last time the two of us showed up for a game was when the Kansas City Royals were on a 14-game winning streak. The game was over in a blowout by the top of the 3rd inning!

We're not doing that crap anymore.
PS: For Rolla trivia's sake, Missouri University of Science & Technology was the old Univ. of Missouri-Rolla. They changed it Jan. 1st to reflect the focus of the campus.