Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Coupl'a Things II

1)Even I, who pretty much ignores professional and college sports, am aware of the pissing and moaning and calls for change regarding the BCS (everyone else used the acronym BCS so I will too, I had to look up what it stood for)college bowl controversy regarding University of Kansas and the University of Missouri. Missouri claims to have been slighted and Kansas does not deserve a chance at the national title.

Ya know what?? I wish the media and the public in general would get as worked up over the corrupt Missouri governor, the corrupt and out of control persecutor (sic) Phill Kline in Kansas, the coup d'etat that Bush pulled TWICE in getting "elected", the illegal and immoral war he started, the lack of insurance for a growing number of Americans, the rise of inflation, and anything else besides who gets to go to what bowl game.

2)Hang up and drive people. A fool pulled out in front of me and stopped in the lane, prompting a panic stop in the Queen Mary (a sight to behold). He never put down his phone the whole time. Guess the call was more important than his life.

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Anonymous said...

The older I've become, the more I've become with predictability. Sports and politics are the two best examples. When I can "predict" what the politician is going to say — not do — then I start channel-flipping. Same with sports. If I want to watch any sporting event, I tape it, and then race through the broadcast and commercials, stopping only to watch the scoring.

That reduces a 3.5 hour baseball game down to less than 15 minutes on fast forward; never more than 20-25 for a football game. Time saved, I can get on with doing something better with my life. Ironically, those same people who obsess over sports tend to love it for the same reason I hate it — it's the one thing they think is unpredictable. Much like rock music, after you've heard the same 1,500 songs for 25+ years, you get kind of worn out on it and want to try something new.

For me, I want to learn something new. So I try Linux, learn chess, dive into opera, re-watch great movies, and re-discover the movies of Akira Kurosawa with new eyes.

People who completely ignore politics are the same people who believe everything is going fine, and well, "there's nothing we can do about it anyway." Meanwhile those same fools are voting for Dubya, Blunt, and Huckabee, all of whom are certifiable idiots who wouldn't qualify for a job at Tasty Freeze unless someone didn't give it to them.

Why do they vote for politicians who are hostile to their own well-being? In my opinion, it's because the media and other authority figures — oprah, the "TeeVee," or some asshole with the NYTimes or Wash.Post told them that the progressive was a loser, and predictably, they believed it.