Sunday, November 04, 2007

Coupl'a Things

1) I HATE daylight savings time. Especially the one in the fall. You'd think an extra hour of sleep. Yeah, what hour. I was up at 4am instead of 5, which is ungodly in and of itself. And this getting dark by 5:30?? Screw that.

Why mess with Mother Nature? She knows best. Oh long, dark winter... hasten past!

2) It is obvious that the recent judgment against Fred Phelps and his hatemongers at the Westboro Baptist "Church" will have a hard time standing with the Supreme Court. I have a fear that it will be seen as impinging on free speech. But who knows, with the current crop of clowns on the court, anything is possible.

One thing that really bothers me. Notice when they picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepherd, Kevin Oldham here in Kansas City, Gay Events (including my church) it was not a problem. But when they target soldiers, everyone comes unglued. Just more homophobia in our nation.

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