Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Short, Sad Life of Vince Greer

Vince Greer died in prison this week, he was 24. Early reports suggest he was killed, or was a suicide. For Vince and his family, the main question always will be whether he should have been there at all.

There is no disputing that in November 1997, 15 year old Vince shot and killed his mother with a rifle. His father wrestled the gun from him and held him until police arrived.

Vince was diagnosed as schizophrenic. After a first conviction was overturned, he was retried and convicted again. Sent to prison for life. No treatment.

Bottom line, Vince got screwed. The defense made a blunder and held fast to the hope of an insanity acquittal. He should have realized that juries are a crap shoot at best. The juries opted for the easy way out, doesn't hurt them to put him away. The prosecutor is saying he would have compromised, but that is hotly debated. He could have stepped up to the plate and looked hard at the evidence that Vince was insane and also 15 years old (have I said that enough??) at the time and not prosecuted for first degree murder. It is also such a bullshit double standard that 15 year olds are liable for killing someone, but when they seduce and have sex with someone older, they can't be held accountable. The State wanted Vince put away, they wanted him to die in prison.

They got their wish.

Everyone happy now?

RIP Vince.



Don said...

I received this comment and accidentally rejected it instead of accepting it. So I am posting the comment as received from "Anon".

I am a cousin to Vince Greer, and as close and supportive as our family is, it's nice to see someone who didn't even know him with a true unbiased opinion. What we have been told is that Vince's hands were bound and he was lethally injected with drugs. His cell mate is being held in solitary for most likely another murder charge if the prison doesn't just sweep it under the rug. However the real issue is now how did the drugs and needle get in through confined prison doors? That's all being investigated now

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little late posting on this, but I just saw Vince's death on the R.I.P. Ritenour Alumini FaceBook page. I remember this tragedy when it happened, my son who also attended Hoech at the time Vince did was in a grade below his. I remember looking him up in my sons yearbook at the time. I think this has been a terrible injustice for the boy and his family from the get go. My heart bleeds for them as if it were my own son. I have never been happy with Robert McCulloch and I think he needed to step down a long time ago. He just let an Overland Police Officer off with only 5 years probation and the loss of his job as a police officer and I want to tell you, I'm outraged. I live in Overland and this officer killed a man by pushing him down a flight of steps and was charged with involuntary manslaughter. The officer did not spend one day in jail for this tragedy and the other officers who were with him on that call that evening were not charged with anything either, even though they all left the scene with the victim laying at the bottom of a flight of steps and not one of them called for medical help. I hold Robert McCulloch personally responsible for this officers freedom. I think it would be fairly safe to say, had this happened to a civilian who had been charged with this crime, he would be incarcerated. This officer did not even have his first court appearance, I just couldn't believe it. Yet, he was so quick to throw away the key on a 15 year old life, who I believe was mentally ill. I am so terrible sorry for all the loss and pain the Greer family has endured and yes for Vince too. Every time I would see his picture, it just ripped my heart out. The system has failed all of us with this tragedy and I wish there was something I could do to change it, because I would.......