Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Land of the Free??

What were we, as kids, always taught about the USA? Land of the free? Free speech??


Regardless if he did it before, wanted to confront, was seeking attention, it is 1,000,000% inexcusable to subdue and taser a kid for wanting to speak. PERIOD, PARAGRAPH.

Free? USA has the highest percent of people incarcerated in the world.
Free? According to a study I saw and unfortunately can not find again, the USA is about 83% free, with restrictions on press, incarcerations and restrictions on travel higher than most of Europe and Canada.

I mourn for our country. And mourn more that I fear the electorate will not make a bold move and break the cycle of right wing dictators we have had the past 8 years.

Puggles, would you like to be Queen of Canada?

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