Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Right Wing Hypocrisy...again

You could hardly miss the headline in the Kansas City Star. Johnson County Kansas DA Phill Kline is seeking the death penalty against Edwin Hall who is charged with a high profile murder of a young lady. No surprise there.

But when is the hypocrisy ever going to end with the right wing? When, I ask WHEN? People with brains want to know.

Being Mr. I made a tough but correct and just decision to seek the death penalty, scores points with the indoctrinated masses who think killing people is a deterrent to crime. Texas has killed enough people to prevent crime occurring there in my lifetime, or one would think. We have imprisoned enough people to certainly have rounded up all the bad guys, haven't we? Phill Kline wants to keep us and the kids safe by taking a person's life. An admittedly poor excuse of a person if he is guilty, for sure, but who gives him this ultimate authority?

What gets me is that the very same Phill Kline rages against abortion as murder. If he were ruler of the world, he would love nothing more but to put abortion providers away for murder, maybe even execute them.

Abortion is taking a human life, and so is signing the warrant to execute some one. Why do they not see the similarity?

These blood thirsty death penalty advocates and anti-choice radicals love to say they have Jesus and the Bible on their side. Oh really now?? Do you. I am not intensely religious, I do not read the Bible daily and would be hard pressed to quote any of it from memory. But I do remember something about 12 commandments... or are they passe? There was one, Thou Shall not Kill. Isn't there? Somewhere, Moses and all that.

Am I missing something?

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