Monday, August 06, 2007

Manhattan Dreams

I seldom remember dreams, but this one I do and it was mildly amusing.

I had attended a meeting in the Big Apple, Manhattan. As was so usual with business meetings I went to in fun locations, we were so busy we had little time to get out and see things. So I decided I wanted to see Manhattan, so after everyone left, I stayed over and went out to explore on foot.

I found 8th Ave. "Good", I thought, "the fabulous 5th Ave is just 3 blocks away". Strangely, 8th Ave in Manhattan, New York City, looked more like 8th Ave in Manhattan, KS. Small frame houses, tree lined streets, leaves falling. A kid passed me by on the way to school. "It is true", I observed, "New York City is safer than Kansas City, kids can walk to school by themselves".

I crossed the street in a hurry and found that the streets, at least this 8th Ave., seemed to be made of rubber. As I jumped into the street, it kind of rippled and tossed me onto the sidewalk... in front of Madison Square Garden/Carnegie Hall. I know they are two different buildings, but my dream said otherwise.

I went in to this steel and glass edifice, cold and boring. Madison Square Garden morphed in and out as Carnegie Hall, and vice versa. I wanted a souvenir, but could only find a group of people who were trying on t-shirts and deciding which ones to sell. They let me have a CARNEGIE HALL t-shirt, in dark red with big white letters. They felt sorry for me.

Back on the streets, I found the sidewalks and streets hard to walk upon as they were upholstered. The sidewalks were like the back of a sofa and the streets had buttons. I kept trudging on, wanting to get to 5th Ave. Just like walking on the top of a sofa back, you had to keep your balance or you'd fall on the cushions. Except this cushion was 8th Ave, New York City.

At a corner, I decided to take a shortcut through a house. I was tired of upholstered streets. I walked in to this suburban house, full of New Yorkers talking about New York things, some reading the paper, some chatting, some getting a drink. A scene out of a casual cocktail party with friends. Suddenly, the house moved. It was on wheels and was actually a bus. Off we went south... away from 5th Ave. My fabulous 5th Ave.. I was stuck on this thing... Help!

Anyone want to analyze that one??

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Anonymous said...

I'll claim it's memorable because you feel Kansas City and New York are similar in some ways, and that parts of it are universal to anywhere, USA, even Manhattan, KS. Even if you were in NYC, you'd still be the same Don, doing the same things, going to the opera, to Broadway, to the symphony, and constantly exploring.

Those people in the house were your friends, scattered everywhere, and often moving. Fortunately, when they move, you don't leave them behind!