Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Perverts on MySpace! OH NO!

Well, the "persecutors" in several states aided by the mass hysteria over sex offenders has caused Myspace to delete profiles by sex offenders.

Murderers, drug dealers, kidnappers, thieves, robbers, embezzlers, frauds, etc are ok.

A judge in Texas (of all places) said it best, basically telling the parents of a kid lured to meet a pervert on line, that it was their responsibility to monitor, not Myspace. These "persecutors" and lame attorneys general are looking to looking to make headlines and Nifong more people to win elections. They want laws that, my friends, will destroy every citizen's privacy and right to anonymity. That scares me more than a pervert next door.

The Internet's a communication tool, period. What is next... offenders do not get phones or post office addresses? It is wrong headed to control offenders through controlling communication tools. Law enforcement should keep track of sex offenders' actions. Oh wait! They can't! They have to give out parking tickets and sobriety check points.

By the way know what a sex offender is? Anymore it is a boy who slaps a girl on the butt at school, or moons someone, or as a 17yr old has consensual sex with a girl 16, like Genarlow Wilson. Or the mentally retarded young man in Kansas that the evil attorney fuckwad had locked up and registered over a blow job. The kid was in an institution for Christ's sake.

We are more afraid of a blow job than getting blown away.

Don't make the everyone pay for lax law enforcement. People should be allowed to speak their minds on the web as we can on the phone, in newspapers, on the street. The Internet is not god, it is just a tool. If you insist on verification of identity and tracking of what everyone does ... hello 1984!

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Anonymous said...

Recently signed up my brother (life sentence/prison brother) for accounts on Myspace and Facebook and was surprised that within 24 hours he had received "friend" requests from several people nearby, perhaps people who knew him way back when.

I recently reviewed the "sexual predator" database for Missouri and was stunned at how little the offense can be to plant you on that list. Sure, there are plenty of relatives who fondled their nieces and nephews (a lot of women offenders, too), but some appear to stem from divorce proceedings, which is really sad, since I've seen lawyers encourage women to make those easy claims of child abuse, often sexual abuse.