Saturday, June 23, 2007

What Goes Around...

One is taught never to burn your bridges, but this one deserved to be burned. I used to work for these scum. Lured there by my former boss at Beverly who had also left that sinking ship and had landed in St Louis with this company. It looked good; an opportunity to turn around some disgusting nursing homes, get the cow out of the ditch so to speak. Free rein.

Was not to be, these criminal clowns had not a clue. Wrapped up in their own self aggrandizing and importance, they ignored the homes, the staff and any who had ideas to help. They took and took and took, never paid their bills. People would not work with me as I was told the bills had not been paid. But they went on with their Texas ways... their fucked up values. Does it surprise you that they are Republicans?

I stayed on as long as I could as I needed the job. It got worse as they struggled to keep their head above water yet maintain their charade. If anything good were to happen, it was their leadership and values that made it happen BULL FUCKING SHIT!

I got kicked out by the mentally ill witch they hired as a VP of HR out of Texas. Certifiably loony in my opinion, she did nothing but send 6 weeks I got over 400. She got canned too I heard.

I called them the CATS, Crazy Ass Texans, it was a term that fit them well. They had a report for the big boss that was called the MEO Report (Maximum Expected Occupancy) or as he called it the "Meow Report"> I almost spit my coffee across the table when I heard that. I think after a while they knew I called them that, I didn't care.

Well I heard they are being sued and charged with negligence in their operations. Essentially stealing from the Government Medicaid and Medicare programs and not providing care.

You can read it here and judge for yourself. They better not ask me.

US Atty Sues Operator Of Nursing Homes

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Anonymous said...

Man, you nailed this one — they wouldn't listen to the experts they hired, and the last thing they wanted was someone telling their incompetent asses what to do or how to do it. They bought in to the nursing home business and even though they hired some of the best people, they ran them off, in favor of doing it their way; that is, not paying bills, not following regulations, and admitting residents while unable to get paid for their care (because they were under a no-new admission policy, or whatever it was called for poor care). Even others they brought in to "fix things" soon quit when they realized how fraudulent and evil these Cathedral Rock folks were.

Beyond republican and texan, these idiotic bigots openly considered themselves "christian." I hope you'll share the Dispatch report with the Kansas City Star the next time they run their annual series on how "the nursing homes are killing them slowly."

Let's hope they get frogmarched straight to prison after lengthy, expensive, and highly publicized trials.