Thursday, June 14, 2007

Various and Sundry

A now disappeared friend Jim always bristled at the term various and sundry, as it was redundant. I used it frequently to annoy him. So for Jim (where are you??) here are some various and sundry:

1) I am a hero to some of the local homeless. I save my plastic grocery bags and send them along with Mrs F who works for a local agency. Her clients use them to carry their possessions as they bounce from place to place. As I was walking HM in Mill Creek Park a few days ago, I spied a man who appeared to be a street person, carrying various and sundry items (could not resist)in a Westlake's Hardware bag. I am sure it was mine.

The clients sent, through Mrs F., a sweet thank you note to me for the bags. Amazing that a simple act can have such results.

2) I am babysitting a pussy, even sleeping with her. (!) No not that kind, the last one of the human variety still causes me grief. While Gerry is out of the country, I am watching Maggie, short for Magnificat, his 14 year old spoiled kitty. She was found abandoned on a cathedral door step in San Fransisco, thus the name. She took the name to heart and generally feels she is magnificent. She is. Don't tell HM I am sleeping around with a pussy, she'll disown me.

3) Daniel's band Witch's Hat can now be found on iTunes. You can search for it under the name of the bad or the album title "Mastery of the Steel".

4) My friend Bruce in Chicago was bitching about Windows Vista on his new computer. Does anyone like it???

5) Bravo to the Massachusetts legislature for turning back a bill to force a vote on gay marriage. When will the right wing hate mongers realize that the people have spoken already??

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