Friday, May 11, 2007

It is All Down Hill From Here, Little Boy

As I was coming back to the Towers from running errands both various and sundry, I saw a toddler boy in his front yard. Running and playing, enjoying the sun and whatever fantastic thing he spied. Enjoying being a boy.

Enjoy it while you can my friend. You'll soon enter the world of "male privilege"

Male-only military conscription, he has a much higher chance of being cannon fodder than his sister.

Significantly higher for chance of suicide.

The disparity in the healthcare system. Here in the US, women live longer than men usually by about six to seven years; however, there are many more health programs catering to women's special health needs than for men's special health needs. When is the last time you saw a men's health center?? Funding for prostate cancer research is significantly lower than for breast cancer, which is less frequent.

He stands a higher chance of dying in a work related accident or at least being in a hazardous job.

Much more likely to be killed in accidents and car crashes.

High rates of untreated, undiagnosed or mis-diagnosed depression.

In maybe as much as 30% of domestic violence the victim is male. The real number is likely to be higher, since male victims may be less likely to report abuse.

Stereotypes in advertising, the dumb dad or boyfriend, the silly boy rescued by the smarter girl, etc. he'll soon learn he is an object of ridicule for just being who he is. And if he is a strong, self=dependent man, he'll less likely seek help when the world crushes him.

He is likely to be labeled a rapist. Radical feminists claim that rape is simply an extreme expression of normal male sexuality, and that all men are potential rapists capable of sexual violence.

He is more likely to be in prison.

As a teen, he risks dying at twice the rate of girls.

He is more likely to drown.

He is more likely to be colorblind and have hearing loss

He can not criticize or discriminate against women but they can certainly criticize and discriminate against him. He is a minority in most settings, but told he is not.

He will be soon forced to curtail his natural emotions, he can not cry or fail, he soon will find his rigid role in society, and shoot himself when he fails to live up to it.

Enjoy it now, son. It is all downhill from here.

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