Thursday, March 15, 2007

Give It A Rest

For the second time, a jury in Johnson County Kansas has failed to convict David Stagg for a murder he did not commit. Yet the prosecutor and rabid DA Phill Kline,hell bent on protecting everyone from things they need not fear, continue to want to keep on with their made up, circumstantial case. SHAME!

Stagg's romantic partner William Jennings was found murdered in April 2004. It seems Stagg and Jennings had quarreled before and Jennings had attempted suicide six months earlier. The story the prosecution made up is that Stagg killed him and made up a suicide note on a laptop.

However the prosecution wants everyone to forget DNA found under Jennings’ fingernails and on a blood stain on the computer desk ruled out Stagg as a suspect. In addition, police were unable to find any physical evidence against Stagg, even though they searched his vehicle and the condo he co-owned on the Country Club Plaza.

So, where is the evidence? Is this what justice in the US is all about now, made up stories to convict someone, anyone, to look good politically?

Jennings family seems convinced that Stagg did it. They continue to hound the issue. I am sorry for their loss, but it seems they just want revenge, not the truth. Hang anyone so we can sleep at night.

Scares the fuck out of me.

KC Star 3/15

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Anonymous said...

One reason so many settle before a criminal case goes to court is that the state (prosecutor) is given great advantages to prove their case against you. It really is 2-to-1 in everything from evidence to witnesses to resources (actually endless in that regard) to money to attorney and expert time, and so on. It's very rare that a defendant is not convicted, thus the court system provides fodder for TV, novels, and movies ad infinitum.

If you ever do decide to kill someone, either confess right away and plead to manslaughter, avoiding a trial, or just kill yourself. Trying to get yourself free either lands you in prison for life or as in this case, the losers (prosecution) will never admit they lost.