Sunday, March 04, 2007

Damn Eclipse...

Astrologer Chin Jip Seng from Malaysia said that Saturday's lunar eclipse was not a good sign because the Earth was covering most of the Sun, the source of light.

"It will be very bad for the first half of the year. There will be bad times ahead. We have to hope and pray."

Well, he is right. Let's just say yesterday was horrible for me. Rotten to the core. I won't elaborate, this is not a pity party blog. First of all, if anyone gives a fat rat's ass, I am ok, a little bruised more mentally and emotionally than physically, but ok. Just a lot of bad decisions and inactions blew up in my face yesterday. It will take some time and more money than I have to correct. But I hope it will be soon. But I have so little faith in people and in systems that I am sure I will be screwed.

Not as screwed as the injustice that goes on for Eric Volz in Nicaragua, read this article here and be sure to visit the site his family set up and send a message. Or think of others who are facing injustice and brutality by authority here in the US, like David Stagg or my friends M, K and S who should probably remain anon.

My issues are minor compared to them, a mere inconvenience and headache and sleepless night. But still real to me and still a part of the fact that the world here is nasty, friends are few (thankfully I had one that has been a great help so far) and injustice and meanness prevail.

Damn eclipse...

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps this explains all the freakishly strange things that have been happening to me lately!