Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union

I actually watched a bit of the State of the Union Address by the pathetic Emperor, now facing a revolt in his court. I wanted to see him in more contrite role. I was not disappointed It was great seeing Nancy Pelosi behind him, Dick Cheney looking bloated and dull next to the more vibrant Pelosi. Cheney also looked absolutely bored.

Bush yet everything he said he has said before. Bush continues to trot out bad ideas he longs to foist on us such as radically changing Social Security, bogus healthcare savings, tax cuts for the wealthy (my taxes have gone down 0% since this goon has been in office), these risky healthcare savings accounts, or worst, escalating the war he started in Iraq. Then he went into his litany of goals he has no intention of nor idea how to achieve. He has harped on the need to conserve energy and free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil in every State of the Union address and has no intention of doing anything meaningful about it.

One good point, at least he decided it was time to stop attacking Gay and Lesbians and their families by calling on Congress to enshrine hate and bigotry in the constitution by defining marriage. He finally realized it was going nowhere. Seems he is so fucking dense, it takes him years to to figure that out.

Democrats were swift to challenge his tepid, recycled ideas. "While the president continues to ignore the will of the country, Congress will not ignore this president's failed policy," Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gave Bush said in a joint statement after his address. "His plan will receive an up-or-down vote in both the House and Senate, and we will continue to hold him accountable for changing course in Iraq."

Bush is a disaster. A world wide poll continues to show US influence and approval at all time lows throughout the world. I find it hard to believe the whole world is stupid and Bush is right.

Nothing new, a subdued and wounded Emperor, it was a mixed affair. Since every idea Bush had has been a disaster for the US, we should rejoice that he did not offer any new ones.

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