Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nereus Arrives

A while back, Puggles and I were actually watching TV. One of those rare lay back and channel surf moments that I have. We landed on Animal Planet and began watching the saga of Nereus the walrus. An orphaned baby walrus, Nereus finds a new home thousands of miles away from the Alaskan beach where he is found. Nereus now gets round the clock care from his human keepers at the Indianapolis Zoo. it was a cute story with a happy ending. The walrus was flopping around, snorting and bellowing and acting as walruses do.

Puggles was fascinated. Apparently walrus speech is similar to pug. Puggles seemed to understand everything he said. She now wanted a walrus.

I posted on PugVillage that HM demanded that I bring her Nereus and set him up in the pool. It was noted that it was not feasible to house a walrus in a condo pool. They are quite loud and have a tendency to poo in their water. I was not up for that.The denizens of the Village responded that the Queen could not be without walrus!

HM Puggles' disappointment was soothed yesterday when a box arrived with our name on it. Inside was her very own Nereus, albeit 1/43rd scale. As you can see Nereus has become a favorite member of the Royal Court.

Rumor has it that more walruses are on the way. I maybe keeper of the herd... contributions of fish can be sent to Pato at Puggingham Palace.

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