Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Anniversary Pato News!

One year ago today, I started Pato News. Being a long time journal keeper, the thought of an online journal was fascinating to me. I had heard of bloggers and blogging, and thought it was the domain of the computer geeks and junkies. Being a junkie but far from an expert in computers, I figured it was beyond my capabilities.

I explored a bit and heard about So I started a Livejournal page. I was not real consistent in my posting and was at a low point in my life. I had left St Louis, pretty broke and facing the prospect that nearing 50, I was washed up as a Human Resource manager. Jobs, good ones, were scarce and went to the young and aggressive. I was old and burnt out.

My friend Connie had a friend and former colleague that worked for a company that ran 12 unit assisted living facilities. They needed live in managers, room and board provided plus a salary. I packed up to Maryville and did that until I almost went loony. My now defunct Livejournal entries chronicled that.

Seeking a more organized and functional format, I stumbled upon Xanga and created a Xanga blog for a while. That went pretty well until I realized Xanga was populated by creepy little teenagers and their nonsense. When a comment was left on a post about John Cage's composition "As Slow as Possible" saying "UR queer. Xanga is for teans" (sic), I realized it was time to move on.

So, on January 8, 2006, I created Pato News here on Blogspot. I have been pleased with the service and thrilled to have so many readers. I am amazed at how fast posts get referenced on Google and on other search engines. The vast majority of readers are led to Pato News through a search for something. I hope they find what they are looking for!

Blogging is good mental exercise and a good discipline. I posted something on 75% of the days available (276/365) in 2006. I am at the same pace in 2007.

Thanks to everyone who has read and visited, all 2500 or so of you. Look forward to more!

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Steven Imparl said...

Happy anniversary to you.
Happy anniversary to you.
Happy anniversary to Don and Pato News,
Happy anniversary to you!

Congratulations, Don, and my compliments on your excellent blog! I like your blog--and your kind of blog--because it contains thoughtful observations, some personal stories, and good writing. Also, it's not a place of endless political ranting, like some of the supposed "big name" blogs are. That sort of thing is amusing--for about a day or two--but my preference is for real blogs, written by real people, on topics of real (even if under-emphasized by the larger populace) importance rather than a mere commentary on the political issues du jour.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your site for a long time!