Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Myth of Lunch

Just like record stores, arctic ice cover, and the Democratic majority in the Senate, lunch time is in peril.

"What's for lunch?" is heard less frequently among the cubes and worker bees in corporate America these days. Most experts agree on one thing, it is not the worker's idea for the most part, it is increased workplace stress, less people to get the job done due to massive layoffs in the last decade and increased competition for the few plum jobs available. At one company only 3% of employees took a full hour for lunch and the vast majority said the 1 hour lunch was a myth. Many workers eat a meal at their desk, many do not eat at all.

Corporate America could care less about employees anymore. They are a liability to be shed like outdated equipment. Cut cut cut, work more, work more, threaten layoffs and closure, cut cut cut, if I don't produce more I'll be fired. No wonder we are all getting stressed out, no wonder depression is at an all time high while health benefits are at an all time low. No wonder lunch break is low on everyone's priority. I think the Roman slaves had it better.

Not having a proper lunch is not healthy for many. Studies have also shown that mistakes increase and productivity lags as blood sugar lowers.

Tell me, worker bees, is you job worth your life and health? Trust me, they don't care about you. Skipping your lunch or working 24/7 won't impress them. Only the "stakeholders" are of concern these days. Take it from someone who knows.

That is why I love my job. I can take lunch, fuck I even take a nap now and then. I don't make the big bucks, but with no debt, I have more money to spend than most do after all the credit cards and insane mortgage and car payments.

Do Pato a favor. Take an hour off each day. See if they notice. See if you feel better.

See if the big bosses go out for lunch.... bet they do.

"What's for lunch?" Not sure yet, I'll probably go to the local deli and find something, or maybe some take out sushi. Then I feel a nap coming on.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should write about this today.

I went out for lunch today with some coworkers. (It was the first time since August that I didn't eat lunch at my desk!) Anyway, one of them had to wolf down her meal so she could leave early - too much work, too little time, too much stress, boss was on a rampage.

It's not pretty, but it sure beats unemployment.

So Don, was it deli or sushi?

Don said...

I had salad from the salad bar and some fruit.. Doctor told me I am fat.....

Anonymous said...

Your doctor is no fun!!

Don said...

Tell me about it...and I went for some shoulder pain which is still there. Now he is all a tither about my blood pressure and my blood sugar.

Screw it, I want some pancakes and pastrami.