Wednesday, July 19, 2006

St Louis School Board Follies

The audience chanted "Hey, ho, Veronica's got to go" and "Reinstate, reinstate, reinstate." How intelligent.

Boos and jeers drowned out the pledge of allegiance. "We have traded in a Humvee of a superintendent, and we traded it in for a Pinto," said the Rev. Phillip DuVall.

"You got rid of a person who had a plan, Dr. Williams, and who implemented the plan and replaced him with a person who proved she could not run the Fox District," said Mary Johnson, a St. Louis resident and local businesswoman. "How can she manage the largest African-American school district" in the St. Louis area? Johnson asked.

So, what if Mary Johnson was white and she was referring to the hiring of a black administrator for a mostly white district and said “How can she manage the largest Caucasian school district in the St Louis area”.

Good golly Gertie, the lawsuits and shit would fly. I am sorry but racism is racism.

Hiring a black Superintendent for a white district is good for diversity. A white Superintendent for a black district is racism??? HUH?

And still Johnny can’t read…



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