Saturday, May 27, 2006

God Bless the Outcasts

I wanted everyone of my Blog readers to see how brutal and ignorant the Roman Catholic Church has become.

Catholic Church Fires Music Director Because He Is Gay

I know Joe, proudly sing under his direction with the Heartland Men's Chorus and respect him as a musician and a person. When he took this position at St Agnus, he had also interviewed for the position at my church, Trinity UMC. He accepted the St Agnus position instead. I am sure he had no regrets, but he would still have had a job if he had made a different choice. For that I thank God for Trinity.

Why is it that churches hold on to hate, bigotry and ingorance? Where does the bible say this??? Someone educate me.

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Anonymous said...

It stems from those cornball men who wrote the Bible who thought being gay was a choice. I suppose it could be, but they didn't know that it's genetically wired into our brains.

Their whole schitck was "go forth and multiply"; meanwhile, they were screwing their relatives, daughters were getting dad drunk to get themselves pregnant, and even one guy threw one of his daughters out the door and told the mob to rape her instead robbing the whole family.

Then they wrote that their 'god' blessed all these activities. I've never understood the conservatives' perverted obsession with others' sex lives (the New York Times ran a front page story last week that interviewed 50 people on Bill and Hillary's sex life, the undertone of which was that Bill didn't do the nasty enough to satisfy them).

Throw in that whole 'Don't spill your seed' — what does that MEAN, don't masturbate? — verse and you really begin to wonder how lonely those nomadic tribes got in the desert.

Having conquered women's wombs and reproductive rights, the only hand the cons have left to play is the gay card. What they've yet to grasp is that gays and lesbians don't play their games, unless you're just nuts like Mary Cheney or a Log Cabin Republican.

Jeez, Don, you know how to push my buttons!