Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off to the Big Apple

New York City, the Big Apple... all you dear New Yorkers watch out, Pato is invading your world. Just for a few days, so relax.

A kind soul who reads my scribbles here at Puggingham Palace, generously and graciously gave me tickets to some of the Mahler In Sequence concerts at Carnegie hall. He could do all of them, I could not do all that he could not attend but I did manage to sneak some time to hear 3 of my favorite Mahler works, the mighty Symphony # 8, the valedictory Symphony # 9 and the Adagio to the unfinished 10th (sadly, they did not choose to do one of the complete versions....). Thrown in to the mix is the wonderful Das Lied von der Erde, a huge song-symphony that is pales a bit in my book to the symphonies but is an incredible work none the less. To hear Pierre Boulez conduct is a rare treat for me. Barenboim I have heard before, but not in Mahler.

I am about packed, not taking a lot. Got the bus and subway figured out. I am taking the bus/subway in but a cab back home, I do not want to get lost getting to the airport on the way home. Hopefully there will be a good hot dog or falafel stand near by. Since I am staying in a furnished apartment, I plan on getting some groceries and cook at the place. Love to eat at the finest..but not in this boy's budget.

It is just a thrill to get to hear some fine music, experience a part of one the most important music events of the past few years (Mahler Symphonies have not been done in this fashion since the 1960's in New York) and meet up with my friend Maestro Damon and Alice from PugVillage.

Pato needs to get things in order, oh GOD do I ever. So Adieu, bon voyage to me and stay tuned when I post the reviews starting Mon or Tues of next week.

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