Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't Mess With My Tenderloin

I hate change, anyone who knows me will tell you that. I am sorry, the "change is inevitable" argument just doesn't fly here. Thus I was more than a bit concerned when I heard that in March, Jerry Naster had sold the landmark Woodswether Cafe in the West Bottoms of Kansas City. It was bad enough when he moved a couple of years ago from the original Woodswether Rd location to the bigger one on 9th. Further making me nervous was the news that the new owners at one time operated a more upscale place in town. I figured this was the end of fat 6 egg omelets, plate size pancakes, hand breaded pork tenderloins that took up the whole plate, ridiculously low prices (the aforementioned tenderloin with home made fries and a huge soda for less than $8) and the beginning of $14 seared, dolphin free, ahi tuna free range organic 2 egg omeletes with port wine-ginger reduction sauce, tomato coulis (aka Ketchup).

Lucky for me, this change is mostly all for the good.

Tucked into one of the more grimy industrial areas of the city, and harder than hell to find, Woodswether cafe is definitely worth the hassle. The new owners have spruced the place up a bit, added a few new items on the menu, changed the specials and raised the prices just a bit. Still a bargain however. THANKFULLY, the incredible pork tenderloin is still as good (and big) as ever. I had 1/2 for lunch and the rest came home with me for today. Fries are still home made, service is still great with many, if not all, the same staff and the business looked pretty good for an early Tuesday lunch. Don't look for them to be open late, 3PM is the end, 2PM on Saturday and nothing on Sunday.

I do miss the occasional sighting of the always gregarious Jerry flitting around the place chatting with the regulars, the roll of paper towels at the table sufficing for napkins and the huge old menu with more choices than one can ever absorb.

There is that damn change thing again. But, for now, the spirit and the best part of the Woodswether Cafe lives on.

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