Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wedding Bells IV: The Big Day

The Jewel Box, located in St Louis' Forest Park has been a tourist and city landmark since it opened in November 1936. The soaring glass floral conservatory was designed and built by the St Louis Parks Department. Surrounded by seasonal gardens, lily ponds and sculpture, the Jewel Box's 50 foot high glass and metal walls enclose an array of tropical trees and flowers.

After a $3.5 million renovation in 2002, the Jewel Box was transformed into not only a conservatory but a center for weddings and receptions. With the well maintained tropical foliage and flowers and tranquil fountains, it is a perfect backdrop for a ceremony.

Daniel and Stephanie's wedding ceremony was simple, yet casual/elegant. Their vows exchanged before a stunning tropical backdrop. The men were handsome, the groom suitably nervous, the bride beautiful. A string quartet played before and after the ceremony, peforming "Spring" from the Four Seasons as a wedding march. It all went as planned. Unfortunately, in my haste to get over with my sister and Daniel's aunt and grandfather, I did not have my camera. I'll have to wait for the official pics to arrive.

I was thrilled that Daniel was getting married. Stephanie is a wonderful young lady, it is obvious he adores her. They are somewhat opposite in temperament, but maybe his brashness and her quiet reserve will compliment each other. Having a married son makes me feel old, but also fills me with a sense of accomplishment, the job over. He is a man now, on his own, a family, responsibilities. He will hopefully still need me, and I him as well.

"Despite all the bullshit over the years, we did good" I told my ex as we watched them dance the evening away at the reception. Maybe their lives starting together will heal some of the past. One can hope.

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