Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding Bells III: A Diversion

One must take advantage of situations as they arise in these tough economic times. Thus, the trip to the wedding combined with an opportunity to begin the clean out process of my St Louis storage unit.

I left St Louis in April 2004 with the old brown Mercury filled with my computer, the pug and clothes. Everything else had been sold, given away or tossed. Things that I thought I would need again someday were ensconced in a Public Storage complex under the highway in a ratty part of town. I figured it was safe, no one would ever venture there on purpose.

A couple of years ago, I went there and got some things out such as my dining room table, some books, lamps, etc., since I actually had some space and need here at the palace. For some reason I could not get the lock off, so I happened upon a man who let me borrow some bolt cutters. Turns out I needed him again.

I had forgotten my unit # so I went in the office, paid the now much higher rental fee, and got my #. The lock was rusted shut. No amount of jiggling or Liquid Wrench could get it open. Thus, Home Depot was relieved of inventorying one less bolt cutter.

The unit was dusty and there was evidence that Mickey Mouse and friends had partied during the cold months. Indiscriminately I tossed boxes and things into every crevice of the little Korean Ice Blue Machine. All to be taken home to be kept here or tossed. Left behind were the more difficult items; some more chairs, a huge old love seat and large boxes of papers.

Since I have returned, it has been almost like Christmas in September. Things long unseen now revealed, wondering why they were kept or bringing back the fond memories that inspired me to preserve them. Old cast iron skillets from my Grandmother, my Grandfather Clark's old railroad watch, my dress me, I-forget-his-name refrigerator magnet set, my 1990's diaries, an old silvered glass mirror, my Cruella DeVille figurine, a paper surfer from a party in the 90's and things yet unidentified. Much went into the trash as well, why it was kept was beyond me.

I think I have relatively few possession, but seeing a crammed storage unit and knowing I have another one in KC leads me to believe I need another upheaval to rid myself of junk. Lord knows what people have who do not move. My sister for example, I think Amelia Earhart is in her house....somewhere.

So packed with goodies, dirty but satisfied, I motored back to the hotel, cleaned up nice to await my boy's big day. The sun was shining, the air cool but pleasant, all boded well.

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