Monday, September 01, 2008

Coupl'a Things VII

1) Sara Palin, McCain's bizarre choice for VP admits her daughter, 17 is pregnant. But that is ok for Republo-Hypocrites. She won't get an abortion and is not a lesbian and thus all is well.

2) If you are going to advertise services, respond to your inquiries! Last week I left 3 messages with people offering services I or the building needed. More accurately, I left 2 actually, one never answered the phone and the mail box was full. One has never responded and the other has finally called me 3 times today, on a holiday, and a full 4 days after I first called.

And if you give out your phone number, answer professionally with your name and company, not just "Hullo???"

I guess the economy is not tanked after all, since they are not in hurry to take my $.

3) The Repubs and Bush himself took Hurricane Gustav seriously this time, not wanting another Katrina, the worst disaster in the US since 9/11. Gustav was no Katrina and thus the damage and fatalities are light so far. Bush will take credit for doing a better job. As well he should, he could not have done much worse.

4) Speaking of hurricanes, we have Gustav still making noise, Hanna wondering around in the Bahamas and now Ike is out there too with a nice wave off Africa looking mean as well. Getting to be an active season.

5) Two more visits and I will have a counted 10,000 visitors. I likely have more through those who read through Technorati, RSS, etc.

And no, the 10,000th visitor will not get a prize, but may get mentioned. Whooop de Do.

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