Saturday, August 30, 2008

Veep-Stakes II

So Mc Clain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his VP. Everyone in the right wing controlled media (the liberal media is a made up myth, trust me.....) thinks that is brilliant, gutsy, bold.


She is nothing but Cheney without the Dick part.


Anonymous said...

Man, she's definitely Huckabee-like nutty on the social values. But recalling Ivan Reitman's movie 'Dave (1993)', she's got more experience than the other three put together. How far did the 'he's got no experience; I'll be ready from day 1' argument take Hillary? Also, she's at the bottom of the ticket.

Two things I've seen already:
Bumper sticker: "Alaska: Coldest state; hottest governor." is already registered!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those republican family values. What kind of mother are you when your own daughter can't keep her vaj in her pants!

So Bristol is 5-months pregnant. Dear Lifetime Channel, you have found your next movie! Let's see, Jamie Lynn Spears can play Bristol, for obvious reasons. I mean, she's already done research on the role.

Sorry, just had to pile on. The repubs deserve all this bad karma, and if it keeps coming, they're going to be extinct soon.