Monday, March 31, 2008

An Exercise in Slothicity

Greetings from Nicaragua. Been a few days since the last post. Wish I could say I have been busy with all things exciting and new, but really mostly eat, swim, drink and relax.

That is good medicine actually. In the fast paced world of hurry up and wait, get there before anyone else, run them down and don't look back, this is heaven. No agenda, no time table, no need to run all over and see everything. No deadline.

This suits Bruce as well.

Yet behind it all, there are dark clouds. The place is getting expensive, just like at home, energy costs are driving prices up and up. And like home, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

Nicaragua has made little advance at infrastucture as well, the roads are a mess, the power flickers.... the casual visitors notice little, but the experienced know better.

Some even darker clouds are on the horizon, and some are here now. Of this I will write later. For now, my head in the sand, I relish the breeze, the rum and the smiles of those I think I know.

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