Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I got a tooth pulled today. Woo hoo! Not exactly what I wanted to do but it was overdue. A crown broke off a while back and after looking at it, the dentist decided that it was not worth saving. A crown for 25+ years and two root canals had taken its toll. I put off doing anything about it but it finally got to hurting and was infected. Greg got me an appointment at the Dental school. Cheap for us many Americans who have no health care coverage. Thanks George...

I really do not mind going to the dentist, I find it all rather fascinating. I asked the Endodontist in St Louis if I could watch the root canal, but he could not get the mirror to cooperate. So I finally got to watch one in Nicaragua last March.

What sends me into orbit are the x-rays. I can not handle the procedure. Drill, pull scrape.. that is nothing. When they approach me with that damn plastic plate. I gag. Big time. I have scared dentists and hygenists to think I am dying. I throw up, I gag, turn pale and clammy and pass out. I am cursed with the gag reflex from Hell.

Today was no exception, and I even warned the student. At the xray lab, I had quite the audience. They did a panorama x-ray that I guess is not as detailed. That seemed to be a bit of an issue but there was not much hope otherwise.

The rest went smooth and the pulling and all did not phase me a bit. I joked with the student that I knew the procedure and she better do it right. She did.

I guess I'll have to get a bridge or implant now. Can't be toofless ya know! Just no more x-rays.

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