Tuesday, September 19, 2006

News From the Pond

Sorry for the short and non-ranting posts of late, but I have been busy here at the duck pond. The rehearsals for the Heartland Men's Chorus are in full swing... ah! Christmas in September! I have received many a strange look when I am driving around on a warm, fall day with my windows rolled down, the strains of Christmas music coming from our rehearsal CD. Going to be a complex show this year, and we have a special show in Dallas in October with the Turtle Creek Chorale. ROAD TRIP!!

Tomorrow, early, I am off to the UMKC Dental Clinic to get my now abscessed and hurts-like-hell tooth pulled. JOY! Maybe one of the students going to Nica will be my dentist.

Other than that, the cold weather is settling in for fall here in KC. Supposed to be 45F (7C for my Non-US friends) tonight.

I did not do the switch to Linux as I posted a while back. Some complications and my reluctance to lose a lot of my data. Some day....

Pato maybe a bit bitchy tomorrow so watch out!

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