Thursday, June 01, 2006

License to Steal

I get totally disgusted at the frat-boy, arrogant, Me first behavior of the younger members of the Republican Party. Out only for themselves and power, they rule through fear and slander, supported by rich daddies and power brokers who skim profits from them like an old fashioned pyramid scheme. Yes, our government is being run like an AMWAY scheme.

This is no where more apparent here in Missouri where the Boy-Gov, bankrolled by his disgraced daddy House Whip Roy Blunt, and his college Republican country-club boys continue to pillage the state.

Boy-Gov has taken health care from the poor, cut children's services, laid off employees all while enriching a few of his and his party's cronies in a scheme that may never be unraveled. The arrogant little prick even had the audacity to say in an interview that he has not made a single mistake while Governor.

I shake my head. I don't get it. Humility, compassion, honesty have been replaced by arrogance, brutality and corruption.

Yet the voters elect these idiots and as long as their SUV and home in Cupcake Land are not threatened, do not seem to care. The Republicans trot out their scare tactics; turrerism (sic), threats to marriage from gays and lesbians and taxes to whip the ignorant public into shape. They control the TV media; if in doubt watch the news shows for a few minutes; where are you Walter Cronkite???

This rant was prompted by an editorial in the Post Dispatch blasting the Boy-Gov's administration and policy on Fee Offices. Another scheme to enrich the Republican elite. Read it for yourself:

License To Loot

Like the arrogant Emperor Bush, I hope he gets kicked to curb. Or better yet, join his friends Bill Webster and Adam Taff as young Republican ex-cons.

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