Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Can't Believe It's not Toxic

In a short lived quest to reduce fat from my diet, I decided to purchase a product called "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter". It claimed to have all the taste and use of sweet creamy butter but no trans fat, no cholesterol and all that. So a tub came home with me.

I am not sure what the stuff was, but near butter it is not. It does not taste like butter, look like butter or act like butter...therefore I can with certainty believe it is not butter. When melted it separates into pools of cloudy, oily chemicals. When I used some to grease my griddle to make some pancakes, it quickly evaporated and left a yellowish scum on the griddle that burned, and made my pancakes stick. It tasted nothing like butter in my opinion, even on crackers or bread. I eventually decided it looked like my mother's Pond's Cold Cream... just tinted yellow. I did not try it as a moisturizer, I was afraid of what it might do.

The contents went down the drain; I could not stand to look at it. The tub was recycled as a mobile water dish for Her Majesty. So far she has no ill affects from the residue.

Please note the picture above is the real thing. It replaced the crap in the tub. I figure the real thing in moderation is better than all the toxic sludge in the alternative!

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Jenna said...

I totally agree. Totally. Down with "butter" in tubs!