Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Kansas City Auto Show: "Eco-Performance" rules

The advertising theme for this year's Greater Kansas City International Auto Show was so apropos: Signs of Spring, a baseball, a Robin, and the Car Show. 

Another theme this year was Eco/Electric. Several new hybrids and even all electric cars were on display. As usual, Greg and I wandered around the show on a wet and cool Sunday, running into some friends and taking it all in. Some highlights, you can click on the picture for a larger image:

Ford got the first display as you came in the door, as it always does. The new 2013 Focus looks snarky and slick. It has to take on the popular Hyundai and KIA models in this class.

Big mouth grilles are all the rage this year.

There is a hybrid Ford in your future. The C-Max line will be all hybrid in 2013

The 2013 Escape gets a major redo; less boxy and sporting the new Ford face

I remember when pick up trucks had no chrome at all, it was usually an option. So were bumpers. 2012 Ford.

For FOMOCO's luxury brand Lincoln, not a Town Car in sight.

The MKS for 2013 will get a softer grille instead of the snarly one it has now.

Wondering over to the Cadillac section, I bemoaned the loss of the tail fin. But look!!!! They are still here in spirit:

The new XTS is soon to debut. Looked fabulous in dark blue and tan.

She has tail fins too.

The new ATS sedan, based on the Cruze/Verano chassis looked like a fine small Cadillac. Will it finally shake the "small Caddy curse?"

Mitsubishi is marketing an electric car, the "i". Strange name, but cute little car. Actually kind of roomy inside. 

Nearby Subaru had a sporty new BRZ to be built in limited quantities. It was not making a big buzz here.

Surprise of the show for me was the redone VW Beetle. Longer, sleeker and more masculine than the old one.

Interior had some classic styling cues, but was still modern and functional. No more flower vase.

I kind of like Buicks, always have... including my 1990 Century named Dunbar. The new Verano has some of the softest, yet supportive seats in the business.

The Chevy Cruze based Verano has all the current Buick styling touches, but a different rear.

Although I think Century would have been a better name, the Regal GS is the sport sedan in the line up.

The 2013 Encore is a player in the smaller luxury SUV market.

Chevrolet has introduced the new redesigned Malibu. With all 4 cylinder power and lots of Camaro cues to boot.

Camaro tail lights mark the Malibu from behind.

The small Sonic is an improvement over past Chevy subcompacts. Roomy and versatile hatch and sedan versions are available.

The Repubs have done a number on the Volt, buy one and you are hate the troops, a liberal commie or something like that. Pricey yes, but the car of the future here today. I'd buy one if I had the cash.

From the Dodge Boys comes the Yellow Jacket, a Super Bee for the new century. Limited editions, the Charger model will get a Super Bee model but was not shown at the show.



Want a big, brawny, powerful sedan? The Dodge Charger is your thing:

The imposing front of a Dodge Durango, redone for 2012

This looks nothing like my 1974 Dart Swinger. The new Dart should be a fine competitor.

Rear has the styling cues from big bro Charger. Alfa Romeo blood runs through the Dart's veins.

Just what one needs to go to the mall. 2012 Range Rover.

Rich Man's toy:

Even richer man's toy:

Richest Man's Toy.

For the poor, a Tomato Worm Green Hyundai Accent. As an aside, Hyundai cars have the most pitiful horns on the planet. My plumber called them "Faggy-ass horns".

Hudson Motor Company merged with Nash in the 50's to create American Motors. AMC bought Jeep and then Chrysler bought the remains of AMC to get Jeep. Through all that, the old Hudson name "Jet" reappears on a Jeep Liberty model. Only geeks like me care, or even notice. (see my new shoes in the reflection?)

Not a big Toyota fan here, although I owned one once. I can not see out the back of this thing. 2012 Prius

See the resemblance between the following vehicles?

(Seagrave Fire Engine, 1950's)

(2012 Toyota Prius V)

I do :)

That is all for this year. Though I saw lots of new vehicles I would be proud to own, my 22 year old Buick, Dunbar, is quite safe. He gets me from point to point and is paid for.. lots said about that.

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