Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Final 10

The countdown has begun. I said a while back that I would do 1000 posts here on Puggingham Palace/Pato News and this one makes 990. So the final 10 are approaching.

I may stop completely, I may go on a long hiatus, who knows? Keeping up the blog is now a chore, not a joy. I stare at the blank page and then get up and go on to do something else. Many of the topics I used to love to rant about do not stir my creativity any more. Politics makes me vomit, church is nothing, the dog does little but sleep and eat, the car sits in the lot, concerts are over for the season, and frankly nothing inspires me. So like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, my favorite TV show ever, I want to quit while I am ahead.

Many years ago, I was inspired to start journaling. Sadly, most of my scribbles dating back to the 70s are unreadable; penmanship was never a strong suit of mine. Some Volumes are lost, I fear, as I have not been able to locate them. Looking back can be fun but looking back can also be depressing if you feel you have not made any progress. Most of the time I revel about how silly I was and how things that looked like disasters were just ripples.

So, few dear readers, look for the final 10. Probably not much earth shattering, just me making my way through it all.

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tanner said...

Dear: It will be sad to see you move on... I keep up with you through your blog; but I understand the tedium involved in daily composing ones thoughts into words on paper or screen. (...a side note, I always show up as "Hillsboro" do you know why that is...? Jerry xoxo