Saturday, April 24, 2010

Planned Obsolescence

I remember the excitement when it arrived at my sister's doorstep. Just removed from Kansas City and a bout of unemployment, I had landed a job in the Chicago area. I was rooming with a friend in a clap-trap house in the wonderful suburb of Waukegan but was relishing the fact that I had some money again. My old computer had been eaten by a virus and was functioning erratically and totally unreliable. So I ordered a new Dell computer with state of the art memory processor, big new monitor and all the latest software preloaded. Paid a lot for it too. Since I was not sure how secure the delivery would be in Waukegan, I had it sent to my sister who was usually home.

Excitedly I came down that weekend, opened her all up and with in minutes had it functioning; dial up modem and AOL to boot.

Now, in about an hour or so.. she is going to be scrapped. I hate the throw away society we are in, but if the damn thing is now obsolete and I have no room to store it, what can one do? A local group is sponsoring a free electronics recycling day and she is going out there along with an old printer and a VCR, other remnants of obsolete machinery. At least I am not going to dump it on the street or in the trash, hopefully some parts or whatever will find a new use.

The big old CRT monitor is staying behind; they are so worthless they charge you to take them off your hands. Something tells me it may end up as a door stop, or in the trash.

Dell Dimension 8100 1999-2010 thanks for the years of service.

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