Thursday, March 25, 2010


Living without hair on one's head may be as big a pain in my patoot as was my short attempt at living without a car. One would think ridding oneself of something would reduce maintenance. Not so with hair. Instead of a daily wash and rinse (no drying needed) I now have to run a razor over the whole orb every single day. If I miss a day, it looks and feels like I have been wrapped with 400 grit sand paper. Whenever I remove my hat (obligatory in sunny weather to keep from burning and in cool weather to keep drafts down) I get this disconcerting scrape-y, scratchy feeling that perhaps I will get used to someday... except when I feel it on my pillow at night.

Since I made a mess of my poor head when I first did the deed (the nasty cut is still visible), I feel the need to avoid over shaving. So since I am staying tonight, the old head has gotten a rest from harvesting of follicles. Anyone need some wood smoothed out?

Benefits? Well, yes. I think it makes me look a bit younger, ridding myself of the gray-ass bit of fluff I had. I don't feel much lighter, but the amount lost was negligible anyway. Do I get attention? Yes and no. Some of the regulars at 303 have never seemed to notice. A few have. At least the comments have been favorable. Only Tom has rubbed my head yet, but that doesn't count as he was smashed drunk.

So, as with living without a car, the benefits have a lot of baggage tagging along with them. I am not sure if I am going to keep doing it. Maybe after the newness wears off (and the shock I still have that I actually did it) I will let it all grow back.

Meanwhile stock in Gillette has likely went up; band aids too.

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