Friday, March 19, 2010

Coupl'a Things XXXII

1) I have been listening to the wonderful, jazzy, neo-classical, Stravinskian Symphonies and Sinfoniettas of the French-Polish-American composer Alexandre Tansman (1897-1986). I and most others hear lots of influences of Roussel, the neo-classic Stravinsky (think Symphony in C and Symphony in Three Movements)and jazz (Milhaud is an influence too). Some find the works too derivative, and second rate, but I find them fun, colorful, energetic and far from just Stravinsky-Lite. But there is no denying the connection to Stravinsky yet Tansman's own voice shines through, more lyrical and less angularly dry than some of Stravinsky's oeuvre. Chandos has all the Symphonies and orchestral works in a fine set. Well worth exploring for the adventurous 20th century fans. Available from my mail order friends listed in the links section.

2) Just when I took a few minutes last evening to enjoy a warmish sunset, greeted our lawn care man supervising the first application of fertilizer and weed control and spent most of the day outside cleaning out some old junk in our junk pile, we awake to a winter storm watch with 6-8 inches of snow predicted for the weekend. Now these predictions have a way of being a bit inaccurate and the weather people around here tend to catastrophize but it looks as if we are going to get something starting this evening. So, while it is a balmy 50 before sunrise, we will watch the temps and precipitation drop. Now... where did I put the snow shovel??

3) Another harbinger of spring is the annual silliness of Daylight Savings time. I always forget if this is standard time or DST, but regardless, it annoys me. Although I do enjoy the fact that we get a few more hours of light in the evening. My usual 5AM wake up was shifted to past 6AM and even as late as 7 as I struggled to adjust. I do not have a clock in my bedroom (just one less thing to shove the # 13 in my face) so I rely on my usually good internal clock. Finally, today things seem to be back to normal, but only to be screwed up again when they futz with it in the fall.

4) Holy Amnesia, I like that term. Fascinating report showing the Bible is more violent and pro-genocide than the Quran:


This will send Glenn Beck's and Pat Robertson's heads spinning!

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