Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Coupl'a Things XXXI

1) Leave it to the BBC to have a thoughtful, non screaming, and well reasoned piece on why Americans seem to have a love affair with politicians who do not have their interests in mind.

It reminds me of a story by George Mc Govern who lost the US Senate seat from South Dakota in 1980. He was campaigning, so the story goes, outside a grocery store. A lady came up to him and said she was not going to vote for him any longer as he voted to "give our canal away". That of course was the Panama Canal which is in a sovereign country of course. He noted later that she paid for her food with food stamps, a program he rescued and expanded despite Republican attempts to stop it. He knew he was doomed.

So a stupid electorate, reared on 60 second, feel good sound bites, continues to run a great nation into the ground.

2) Speaking of politics, a person wrote in to the KC Star recently and proposed that since the politicians were now free to solicit corporate sponsorships, they should take a cue from sports figures (the writer used NASCAR drivers, one of the best examples) and wear their corporate sponsor logos on their jackets. Makes perfect sense to me.

3) Since I have dredged up the specter and sleeze of American politics, I think I will go drink now and try to forget that Sarah Palin is out there plotting something.

And maybe fantasize Obama grows some balls.

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Anonymous said...

I think the media's bumper sticker brainwidth is what kills me, too. They'll chase John Edwards' penis around for years -- despite the fact that the man hasn't held office for almost a decade. Yet every morning show leads off with: "This must be bad news for Dems, and hey look, the repubs are surging!" Huh?

Meanwhile every "journalist" writes and speaks on how they don't understand the health care bill, TARP, who really caused the deficit, etc., complaining that, "No one can tell me -- in one sentence -- what the healthcare bill is about."

That's because it's not finalized yet, and you're too lazy and stupid to read it and tell US what's in it! I swear The Fourth Estate left the building around 1979 and hasn't been seen since.