Monday, January 04, 2010

New Look

Yes, Puggingham Palace has a new look for the new year. Thought it was time to spruce it up a bit, but still a work in progress so stay tuned.

Someone asked me if I was still thinking of shutting down the blog. I have trouble with decisions (ask anyone who ever goes out to dinner with me) and thus I have not decided yet. I go back and forth (yes I am a Pisces through and through), sometimes wishing I would just shut it down and forget about it, then suddenly have a burst of energy to yap on about something.

Won't promise anything, but when I decide, you'll be the first to know.


Anonymous said...

Don't shut it down!

Instead, do like many other bloggers do when other time-interests come along: announce a hiatus for a specific time, and if you're still busy elsewhere, update the hiatus announcement.

The blog and its content can survive -- Google's not going anywhere -- and your visitors are happy. (Tech bloggers do this often when they take on a new contract that leaves them little time to think about or tend to blog topics.)

Don said...

I'll keep it going for a while, if nothing else to review the symphony concerts and to maybe annoy a person or two.