Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Coupl'a Things XXVI

1) My friend Presten is reporting that at least 2 Kansas City radio stations have gone to an all Christmas music format as of November 1. There are likely more, but that is all he has reported for now. During my last visit to the hardware store, I noted the workers taking down the garden and patio supplies and putting up Christmas trees and such. Sadly, yours truly has also contributed to this nonsense; a couple of weeks ago I ordered the wreaths and poinsettias for the building. So far I have resisted putting up the Christmas tree.

Ho Ho Ho

2) Since we are planning for Christmas, it will soon be time to get ready for Mardi Gras. They say Halloween is the High Holy Day for gays. I missed that gene and decided Mardi Gras is much more fun. Actually that kind of fits with my penchant for doing things a little different. If everyone goes nuts for Halloween, I just find a more obscure event to celebrate. Makes life a little more interesting.

Mardi Gras is on Feb 16th in 2010, slightly towards the middle of the range of dates which can be from Feb 3 to March 9th. I hope I live 10 more years since Mardi Gras falls on my birthday in 2020. It has never been on my birthday since I was born.

I have my Mardi Gras dinner menu all set up but am still tweaking the guest list (apply here at Puggingham Place, seating is limited), looking for a new feather mask and thinking of getting a better King Cake this year.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

3) There is a little spider crawling on my wall, if he comes any closer.... WHAP! I usually leave insects to themselves or take them out side if I can catch them. Creepy, crawly, biting, ugly monster spiders are an exception.

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