Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Notes From a Trip

First of all kudos to Amtrak for a great trip. For years, at least here in Missouri, Amtrak was synonymous with "late". I took Michael to the Independence station years ago for a trip back to Jeff City and the train was 45 min late from Kansas City, where it started! My sister was always late arriving, and two years ago I used it to Jeff City and could have walked there faster.

Some new sidings, allowing the freights to pull over, more double track, a new double track bridge and supposedly better co ordination with the freight trains has eliminated a lot of the delay. I think less freight traffic may contribute as well.

The train was clean, spacious, free of hassle (I carried 5 bottles of wine back in my bag, see if you can do that in a plane) and the passengers friendly and varied. Watching the scenery go by, observing life in the small towns, seeing the back side of the world (not always attractive, but certainly interesting), with the drone of the clack clack clack of the wheels is comforting and somewhat nostalgic.

And besides, it got me there in one piece.. what more could one ask?

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