Thursday, August 27, 2009


It is surmised that dogs and humans have had a symbiotic relationship for over 15,000 years. Dogs went with humans as we spread throughout the world, working for and along side our ancestors in their migrations. As humans became more civilized, dogs became less of a worker and more of a companion. Living, working, playing and comforting with us, they have earned the unique nickname, "man's best friend".

Best friend... that certainly described Bud. Bud and his dad Greg were inseparable friends for 10 years. Bud went everywhere with Greg, to church, out to eat with us, visiting, on errands, to the farm. Rare was the time when I would look in the back of Greg's PT Cruiser (especially chosen since it had the requisite "Bud Room" in the back) and not see Bud riding along, surrounded by treats and toys and a warm, familiar blanket.

Bud was found in 1999 as a 3-4 month old stray in Greg's neighborhood; lost, hungry and full of worms. Bud was a Rottweiler, or close enough for Government work. Since his progeny is not known, one can only assume. Graced with the beautiful copper/black markings, graceful large body, dark eyes and an expressive but un-bobbed tail, he looked every inch a Rottie.

He acted like one too; gifted with a gentle yet commanding presence. Bud would rather kiss than bite, have his ears scratched than growl and would lean on you and eventually sit on you to be sure he had your complete attention. He demonstrated that last Fall when at the "Blessing of the Animals" service at our church, he introduced himself to the pastor by knocking him over and sitting on him. Bud rarely got angry, he loved everyone and wanted everyone to love him too. But when threatened, he showed he could mean business. I saw that only once, when a street person leaned in to the open car window as we were parking to go to dinner at Thai Paradise. Bud growled and snapped at the man, causing him to recoil in fear. "Teach you to stick your face where it doesn't belong", Greg admonished the startled beggar as he beat a retreat. Bud, if nothing else, was one of the best auto security systems around.

Bud loved his walks, as many as he could persuade Greg to do. Thus it was heart breaking to see Bud slow down and start to limp. He had good days and some bad ones; when fine he would escort Greg up to the garden and visit all his neighbors. In the last few weeks, he had slowed even more. Greg, recovering from surgery, and Bud formed an even greater bond as they relied on each other to heal and endure.

Sadly, Bud got worse and the Vet confirmed this week that he had cancer. Monday night he cried all night and slept not a wink. On Tues, he went bravely and quietly to the Rainbow Bridge, a place where all beloved animals go, free of pain and suffering, waiting to play with us again.

Bud 1999-August 25, 2009

Bud Spring of 2009

Who could not love this face??

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lauriec said...

Everyone who knew Bud loved him. He was my favorite neighborhood dog. I loved the way he purred when I rubbed him. The first time he did it, I was a bit frightened but Greg told me he was purring and so, he was.

We will miss Greg and Bud coming by our house. I hope Greg will come anyway as our dogs will share the love.