Monday, July 20, 2009

Marvin Parker Memorial Garden IX

A basket of bounty from the garden. At this point, I think I have easily broken even between the cost of the seed, plants and fertilizer used and the harvest so far. Anything further is pure profit.

If nothing else, growing and using your own vegetables gives one tremendous satisfaction. I made a spaghetti sauce using some of my romas, onions, peppers and herbs from the herb boxes. Damn it was good. Subtle in taste, but bright and fresh, not sweet and processed like bottled tomato sauce. Only the garlic, olive oil and the Parmesan cheese was not from my little plot of land.

The eggplant, or as I enjoy calling it by its English/French name aubergine, is my first ever. I think she could have stayed on the vine a bit longer, but I didn't want bugs, birds or thieves to get her, so she was plucked and taken home. This one will not be shared, she is all mine to slice, batter, fry, and enjoy... maybe with a bit of fresh tomato sauce?? Don't worry friends, it looks like I have 5-6 more on the way.

I am enjoying the garden. In quite a short time, through trial and error and through the advice and knowledge of my fellow tillers of the soil, I have learned much about the science and the art of vegetable gardening. I know I planted the onions too deep, I realize I need to stake the tomatoes sooner and I certainly know that one Roma tomato plant is sufficient to feed an army.

And the beauty of the plants... I never knew okra had such a striking blossom...

or that aubergine produce beautiful lavender blue flowers,

making these wonderful creatures both tasty and beautiful.

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