Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Car as Art

The annual "The Car as Art" Concours was held Saturday June 27th at the Kansas City Art Institute. Puggingham Palace presents a short photographic essay of this wonderful display of classic automobiles:

Sherril Mulhern and her 1963 Cadillac Park Avenue Sedan De Ville

What dental work; the front of a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

It is amazing there is any chromium steel left after 1960!

Dual carb power of a Dodge D-500 engine. 1960 Dodge Matador Hardtop

Buck Rodgers inspired this dashboard for sure... 1960 Dodge Matador

Harmonica or automobile grille??? 1947 Chrysler Town and Country

The epitome of the "woody" Chrysler Town and Country

Two miles long, a 1957 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible
w/Factory air and the short lived 16 2/3 RPM "Highway Hi Fi".

Sheer timless elegance, 1956 Continental Mark II

Packards were out in force, despite the annual National Packard Meet in Branson:

1941 120 Convertible

One of the stars of the show 1930 Packard 745 7 passenger Touring Car

Commanding front of the 1930 Packard; not even Rolls had
such a command of the luxury car world as Packard did in its prime:

This grille spelled "Excellence" 1941 Packard 120 Coupe

1939 Cadillac V-16, the pinnacle of multi-cylinder power

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One had to be well connected or rich to own a new 1953 limited edition Buick Skylark. Anyone could buy (in Europe that is)a Citroen 2cv (to the right of the Buick).

Truly art: 1932 Reo Royale Convertible by Dietrich

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