Saturday, March 07, 2009

777 Down...

223 to go. Then I will hit 1,000 posts in Puggingham Palace. I think then the Palace will shut its doors.

I enjoy blogging, as a long time journal keeper, it is in my blood to set my ramblings, comments, reviews and what-not down on paper, or on screen. But a public journal, like this one, is different than just jotting down what you did during the day or memorializing catty comments about friends and not so friends. First of all, I rarely do anything interesting; if I do you hear about it here. The rare juicy bits of my life are just not for public consumption. If that would be the case, there would be maybe 4-5 entries a year, and that is if I am lucky. I would have more readers if I spiced up the blog with juicy tales, pictures of naked people doing all sorts of imaginable or unimaginable things, but that is not the motive of the Palace. And a public forum means I have to keep some comments and thoughts to myself or I would alienate everyone and attract the attention of too many lawyers.

12,000 some visitors have come to the Palace, according to the site meter. The real number is shrouded in mystery as some can access through RSS feeds and not be detected, and some of those were me before I realized I could block my computer from being registered as a visit. Many are return visits from my small cadre of regulars, David, the NIU gang, Callalilly (who I guess is still around), Zaine and mystery persons from Ohio and KC. I know when I review a KC Symphony performance, several people check in to read my review...including our esteemed Maestro. I think most people stumble in here, although I do find it amazing that some of my posts rocket right to the top of the list when you search Google and other search engines.

Life after the Palace?? I may go to recording daily events in a non public record again, I may just keep it open to review shows and performances, I may just relieve myself of one more responsibility. But you few, you happy few, (apologies to Shakespeare) who read me can rest assured at my current rate, 17.5 posts a month, the Palace will be up and going for a while.


Anonymous said...

I hope you continue writing about all your good eats! I'm jealous, cause I now live where there aren't many good places to eat. At the local bagel place, I asked if they had lox and they didn't even know what I was talking about!! I drooled over your stilton soup, but I can't even hope to find the the cheese around here! And don't even get me started about pastrami! So I enjoy good food vicariously thru your blog.

I'll sure miss you if you stop blogging!

Anonymous said...

Yea, never shut down a good blog, just change focus, or heck, leave it open. For now, if you want, you can also interconnect both microblogging ( and blogging by having your blog posts also posted on Twitter. Most people use 'TweetDeck' software and love it.

One of the reasons I recently archived the past five years of my little software blog was that I am not active enough. I follow some very smart people online, but I rarely have the access or knowledge they have on any given (tech) topic.

However, twitter has opened up a more immediate need, since you see in real-time what's going on in others' lives and they will point you toward news and stories you either don't have time to find on your own or you didn't know about. Another reason I like it is that others' twitter posts can spark a blog post idea. The other thing I like about Twitter is that YOU decide whom to follow, meaning there's no spam and there doesn't have to be any of the noise you find with other social sites. If someone twitters their morning coffee, their ear wax, their going to the mailbox, etc., you can simple stop following them, leaving only interesting folks.

Google, who owns Blogger, will probably buy Twitter later this year and improve it by integrating it. Look what they've done with Gmail: the options are pretty fantastic these days.