Friday, January 02, 2009

Taking on the Prison Industrial Complex

Webb Sets Sight on Prison Reform

The above article is a must read. It is time to end the prison-industrial complex in the US. Crime is not down because we imprison everyone that violates a law, is homeless, mentally ill or sick; Kansas City had one of its most violent years ever.

Write Senator Webb and express your support:

Senator Jim Webb
144 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

On line you can contact here

I don't remember from my civics classes if you are to address a Senator as "Honorable", "Your Grace", or whatever...I don't think they really care.

It is the letter that counts.

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Anonymous said...

It's getting worse, that's for sure. My brother reports they've drastically cut back on food where he is (Arkansas) and now only serve 2 meals a day Fri-Sun, but in lieu of that, prisoners are allowed to purchase "food packs" for as little as $116/month. Where do you think that $116 comes from? Families and friends!

It's a racket, and it's very strange to me that unless you either have money (and can either help or hurt the judge with his reelection) or connections, you'll be broke by the time you walk back down the courthouse steps. And this applies to traffic court, small claims, family court, criminal court, civil cases, you name it.