Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Era

I, along with a huge percentage of the world (a friend in Australia has asked a friend in the US to phone her to wake her at 4AM in Sydney "for the big moment") await the presidency of Barack Obama. After 8 years of the illegal, divisive, war mongering Bush regime, change is refreshing. I took down the "Days Until Bush Leaves the White House" counter I had on the blog. It had stopped. Millions are descending on Washington. People are taking the day off. TVs and radios will be on all over the world. Me? I am heading to St Louis, I'll probably miss part of it.

Conservatives are, of course, deep in mourning but also gleefully waiting to pounce on every mis-step of the Obama administration. They are amazed at "Obamamainia", can't grasp that Bush and his minions have been so destructive that we have great expectations on this new President.

Way too high probably. I am not a convert to St Obama. He will screw up. He will slide into the status quo. He will have to compromise. Iraq will not go away tomorrow. Bush's depression will not lift in a week. They say in today's paper that Kansas City could lose 20,000 jobs this year. One city alone. Some are in better shape, others much worse. If 20,000 jobs is an average, middle of the road.... I shudder to think. Sorry to say, Obama-maniaians, he has no magic wand.

I have hopes that he will be good. I have hope that instead of fear and bullying we see an administration that consults, leads with consensus and focuses on real issues, not my bedroom.

We'll see.. the ride is just beginning.

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