Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Coupl'a Things X

1) They laughed at me. "You're taking your car to Illinois?? You are not renting one??? My you are brave."

Oh, how they underestimate the Queen Mary. She may look a little rough, after all in car years 21 is getting up there. But as a true survivor, she is really in pretty good mechanical shape. I got 24 mpg on the highway (at a lot less $ than last trip, I paid an average of $1.50/gal), used no oil to speak of, cruised comfortably in cushy velour and leather at 75 without breaking a sweat and brought back easily 1/3 of my storage unit in St Louis stuffed in the trunk and back seat. The load level system made sure I rode level, not scraping my butt on the driveway. The Pug lay serenely in her own towel draped seat (ever try to get pug hair off velour????), rarely disturbed by noise and kept comfy in the thermostatically controlled cabin.

Long Ride the Queen Mary!

2) Bringing back stuff from my storage unit made it seem like an early Christmas. Stuff I had not seen in years. Stuff I wondered why I kept. Stuff to cherish. I did find out why Mickey and his friends had been in my unit. I guess in my haste to pack, I kept a bag of rice, an open box of pancake mix and a bag of egg noodles. They enjoyed them, even if I didn't. I did not want to chance getting botulism or something from the 2 jars of pasta sauce I also found. They were use by 2004 so I thought it best to toss them.

Anyone want about 200 coffee mugs?

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Anonymous said...

What's the saying, Queen Mary luv you long time! Ah, why don't the Auto CEOs drive from Detroit to Washington in one of those, make a road trip movie of the experience. I'd go see it.

Getting into Renee's new Malibu is like squeezing yourself into an Indycar cockpit. Once you're in, you ain't moving. Once you wiggle and rock yourself out, however, you can barely walk to the front door; feeling as if you've just been through major surgery.

My budget Ford pickup will be 14 years old next month, and except for a horrific rattle, it runs fine. My next vehicle will be a used moped.