Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coupl'a Things XI

1) Happy 100th Birthday American Composer Elliott Carter. What makes this 100th even more special is that he is still alive and well at 100. What's more, he is still composing! He has written at least 24 major works, not just little 2-3 minute ditties, but concerti, song cycles and major chamber pieces, since he turned 90! In his 99th year (2008) he wrote Tinntinabulation for percussion sextet, Wind Rose for wind ensemble, Duettino for violin and cello and a Flute Concerto. He has won many awards including two Pulitzer Prizes for his string quartets. He is supposedly working on a new song cycle.

Sorry to say, however, that I really just can't take his music. Now I love a lot of modern, even pretty avant garde music, but Carter's is dense, dissonant and devoid of any charm or color. Many vehemently disagree with me, but such is the world of classical music.

Anyway, Happy 100th Mr. Carter. Keep on composing... maybe by 103 you'll hit on something I will like!

2) Speaking of 100, I wonder if I will be that age when Boeing finally gets the 787 Dreamliner off the ground. It was supposed to be in service this past summer but now first flight is sometime 2nd quarter 2009. Deliveries??? 2010 maybe.

Quite a fascinating and wonderful airplane, if they ever get it right. New manufacturing methods, world wide risk sharing partners and a long strike have taken its toll. Boeing stands to lose millions, likely billions in compensation for delayed delivery.

Someday, she will be a great plane.... hope I live to see it.

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