Sunday, November 16, 2008

Proposition 8, Saturday Rally

Despite a cold day, the coldest one yet, and a really inadequate sound system, Kansas City's anti-Proposition 8 rally Saturday was a success. Here are a couple of reports from the rally, one by "Julia" and one by me from

Julia: I attended the rally in Kansas City, MO. I am 65 years old and straight and had never attended this type of function before. I was very moved by the people and signs. I stood on the curb with the associate pastor of my church (MCC-KC) and held the church flag while across the street members of the ‘church of hate’ from Topeka, KS stood with the flag of our country on the ground under their feet and around their waist like a skirt.

People passing in their cars either honked or gave a ‘thumbs up’ to us. I saw young people from GSAs in the area with their signs in support. One sign that I noticed said ‘I’m too old to wait for my civil rights’. A friend who is the mother of a gay son who was married in San Francisco went with me. We met another mother of a gay son who was married in LA just before the election. One of the speakers (a young man from GLISSEN) said that he had brought 10 straight allies with him (his co-workers). I am not good at estimating numbers of a crowd, but I’m sure there were close to 1000. I congratulate the organizers for their good work in bringing so many people together in such a short time particularly the people from the LGBT center in KC and PROMO.

Don said: I too was at the Kansas City Rally. Despite a cold day and an inadequate sound system the 1000 people did a great job of protesting our dismay yet not attacking anyone. I came with a 65 year old man whose partner of 40 years stayed home as he could not endure the cold and the standing due to arthritis. I was honored to be in their presence and call them friends.

My favorite sign was “I want my cake and to eat too!” superimposed over a wedding cake with same sex couple figures. Good job KC!

As usual I forgot my camera. I took a couple pics from my cell phone, but damned if I know how to get them off the phone and transfer them to my computer. After the speeches and rally, many of the protesters lined 47th and Main with signs.

Protesters all over the country took to the streets to show our disapproval over the outcome of the vote. On the Fux News and all that crap in TV, those opposed were whining "the people voted, get over it, stop bringing it up." Well then, you give up on abortion then. And, certainly, if it ever came to a vote, slavery, women's right to vote, racial equality would have been voted down as well.

I was glad I went. I hope the spirit goes on and it does not end there.

And remember this, 129,000 children in this country are in foster care. And the state of Arkansas feels they are better off this way than with a loving and safe gay family. In Arkansas, many gays with foster or adopted children are living in fear that they will be taken away.

Family Values my ass.

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